Wuxi Water Treatement Plant China

Specify, design, build the control system with 7 AB 5/60e PLC’s from URS for end to end control of a 800 MLD Water Treatment Plant. Processes included Intake Pumping Station, Chemical Makeup, Storage and Dosing, Sedimentation Settling Tanks, 12 modulated RG Filter Beds, Compressor Sets, Air Blowers and a Clean Water Pumping Station. The Intake and Clean Water stations included controls for 8 off 10KV motors. Database and scripts were used for Dual Hot Standby Intouch Master Operating Stations with Data Logging, Alarms Server and Historical Trending. Included 5 Intouch Local Operating Stations for local control.
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Responsible for a providing a complete control system including control philosophy, functional design specification, systems design specification, systems and software design and development, simulation, factory acceptance testing, commissioning, site acceptance testing and support for the process control of an 800 MLD Clean Water Treatment Works. Processes included Intake, Settlement, Dosing, Reverse Gravity Filter Beds, Contact tank dosing and pump distribution to the main supply all controlled by 7 Allen Bradley PLCs connected on a control network and interfaced to 7 distributed Intouch SCADA systems.

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