Abalto and Hengju Renewables (AHRE) has a vision to responsibly generate energy from natural resources to achieve zero-carbon emission impact. Our aim is to provide high reliability and availability solutions globally.

Our systems combine and apply Wind and Solar creating facilities for electricity generation, hot water for domestic heating and industrial plants and steam injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery

These Wind-Solar Energy Generation Systems have been designed, developed and robustly tested by our team resulting in registration of intellectual property rights patented in USA, Canada, EU and China for Vertical Axis Wind Power Generation Turbines, Solar Reflective Collection Systems and Energy Storage Systems.


We manufacture systems providing turnkey solutions for projects with EPCM Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management.

For Power Generation, EOR Steam Injection and Municipal Heating projects we are confident in our technology and able to take on board the capital costs and risks and offering DBOOT (Design Build Own Operatte & Turnover) or DBOOM (Design Build Own Operatore & Maintain).

For Power Generation we can set up as an IPP (Independent Power Producer) with a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).

Renewable Energy Systems:

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine System (VAWT)

  • Absorbs wind energy from all directions using a simple rotating structure without the need to track wind direction for higher yield efficiency.
  • Each VAWT is modular and vertically segmented for ease of construction to reach high energy wind zones. Each VAWT can generate up to 10MW.
  • All electrical generation systems are located at ground level for ease of construction, operation and maintenance.

Solar Reflective Steam Generation System (SRSG)

  • Utilizing reflector mirrors that track the sun automatically to concentrate solar energy towards Fresnel thermal tubes, the SRGS generates high quality of saturated steam at high temperatures, pressures and volume. Saturated steam can then be stored and used by processes requiring steam such as for EOR or for Steam Turbine Generators for power generation.
  • The SRSG is a modular system enabling scalability design utilizing proven technologies assuring reliability, simplicity of manufacture, installation and maintenance.

Energy Storage System (ESS)

  • A modular system capable of collecting energy at high temperatures, pressure and volumes with excellent insulation. The ESS is a sensible heat storage system utilizing saturated water and hence does not depend on heat exchangers or salt.
  • ESS can supply reliable and continous large volumes of consistent quality saturated water to any system requiring saturated water such as our FVS.

Flash Vaporization System (FVS)

  • The FVS is a flash vaporization system for latent heat transformation using sensible heat provided by the ESS and consists of restricting element shell tank and dehumidification unit to transform saturated water into steam at quality > 90%.
  • The output steam may be used for EOR Steam Injection or by Steam Turbine Generators for electric power generation.

Power Generation System (PGS)

  • Our PGS utilizes steam from the FVS to drive Steam Turbine Generators to generate electrical power and with synchronization systems this power can be exported to a grid.


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