Pipeline Between Khatiya Main And Khatiya South Project

Abalto Performs Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Startup and Handover processes For Khatiya Main to Khatiya South Pipeline Project
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EPIC for Installation of 20” Wet Gas Pipeline Between Khatiyah Main (KM) & Khatiyah South (KS) is a multi-million USD project for Qatar Petroleum.

The objective of this project is to provide a new 20” Wet Gas bi-directional Pipeline between KM and KS with associated facilities to avoid flaring by delivering 1st stage gas at KM to KS and vice versa during outage of gas compressor at KM or LP dehydration unit at KS.

Project Scope outline as follow

  • 5Km 20” Pipeline with pig launcher, receiver and slug catchers at both KM and KS
  • New ESD and F&G Systems at both KM and KS
  • Integration with existing DCS Systems at both KM and KS
  • 2 chemical injection skids at both KM&KS
  • Switchgear Modification at both KM and KS
  • Leak detection System

Abalto is supervising the pre-commissioning activities, and is responsible for safe and successful Commissioning, Startup and Handover processes of the project. Abalto Commissioning Engineers are performing problem free commissioning by following structured methodologies and procedures, drawing on lessons learned, and identifying and mitigating possible risks.