Harweel Phase 1 EDF

USD 100Million project for PDO aimed at assessing the viability of miscible gas flooding and have early production. We were responsible to MAC from construction supervision through integration to successful commissioning and handover.
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Harweel Early Development Facility (EDF) project was a USD 100Million project for Petroleum Development Oman aimed at assessing the viability of miscible gas flooding which would yield highest oil recovery from high pressure sour Oil & Gas reservoirs.  The 4 reservoirs had 15 producing wells with flowing pressures from 260Bar to 700Bar and average H2S concentrations of 50,000ppm with 15% Co2.

This challenging Enhanced Oil Recovery project demanded cutting edge technology to deliver using prototype compressors and state of the art control and safeguarding system due not only to the process parameters but the fact that the wells were located 80Km from the production station Birba hence the base of design was remote operations.  The MAC scope dimension was USD 10Million provided by Yokogawa System Centre Europe who invited Abalto to provide the system integration, design and commissioning of Foundation Fieldbus instruments, valves, wellhead hydraulic control panels, Fibre Optic Converters and repeaters.

The production station Birba under the project scope had new separation train, 3 new reciprocating compressors, flare package and utility Air and Nitrogen generation packages.  The oil production capacity added was 20,000 barrels of oil per day and 1.8 million meter cubes of natural gas.

Abalto engineers had supervised construction and liaise with EPC to ensure quality completion which does not adversely introduce flaws that hinder commissioning.  Following structured pre-commissioning procedure and extensive testing helped mitigate hidden flaws in hardware and software.  We successfully integrated the MAC deliverables such as Yokogawa ProSafe IPS, Stardom FCS and FastTools to following third party system:

  • Nuevo Pignone Compressors LP, MP and HP compressors
  • Frames Wellhead Hydraulic Control Panels
  • Honeywell TDC 3000
  • Pepperl & Fuchs relay based shutdown system
  • Prognost Condition Monitoring system
  • Dymac VM600 vibration protection system
  • Haimo Multiphase Flow Metering units
  • Alan Bradley Utility UCP
  • ABB Variable Speed drives

Abalto engineers have:

  • Managed design deliverables and facilitated meetings between individual vendors on behalf of the client.
  • Monitored actual project progress to ensure timely delivery through visits to suppliers that were incorporated in compliance to ITPs.
  • Ensured compliant design completed in time and within allocated budget.
  • Conduct with assistance form Shell Global Solution Fire and Gas Mapping study which outlines the numbers, type and locations of F&G devices.
  • Carried out and implement IPF classification for the project facility and compressor packages.
  • Review FAT procedure and manage Factory Acceptance Testing and witnessing with help from Mechanical, Safety and Material Engineers where applicable.
  • Developed pre-commissioning procedures and provide input to vendor site check lists.
  • Reviewed and Approve for Construction Cause & Effect diagrams, FLD, Cable schedules and JB layout design, Termination Details, Instrument selection and data sheets.
  • Confirmed precommissioning tests are complete and relevant documents are signed.
  • Safely brought online one well and monitored effects of 1st Oil to the pipeline and production facility.
  • Commission remaining Wells, MPFMs, Manifolds, separators and pumps.
  • Commission the Yokogawa Fieldbus Control System (FCS) which was the first Stardom based FCS in industry with an EPC company with no prior Foundation Fieldbus experience.
  • Systems taken to site for commissioning, construction and installation supervised, Loop Checking and Calibration, Functional Tested and handed over.
  • Solved Wide Area Fiber Optic SIL 3 classified network (MNET) design and configuration problems resolution for remote well locations working at 600 Bar pressure, 15% CO2 and 50,000ppm H2S.
  • Solved process control problems resolution by modifying control strategies based upon commissioning experience and industry knowledge.
  • Commissioned three high pressure reciprocating compressors with online condition monitoring system from Prognost.
  • Integrated with existing Honeywell TDC3000 to Yokogawa FasTools, Stardom and ProSafe to form a single operator interface. Safety instruments were Hart and non-safety instruments Foundation Fieldbus.