Mesaieed Feed Stream Integration Project

Abalto Performs Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Startup and Handover processes For Feed Stream Integration And Installation Of Fiscal Metering Systems At Mesaieed, Qatar.
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EPIC for Feed Stream Integration and Installation of Fiscal Metering Systems at Mesaieed is a USD 26Million project for Qatar Petroleum.

The project consists of two parts. Part One is to integrate the feed streams of NGL-1 and NGL-4 Plants coming from various sources in-order to process any of the feeds in any of the fractionation trains available in NGL-1 or NGL-4 Plants and these parts one contain:

  • 35 Piping Tie ins to live System at NGL-1/2/3&4
  • Around 3 Kilometres of Piping
  • New ESD and SCADA Systems at NGL1/2 and integration with Existing ESD System
  • Integration with Existing DCS and ESD Systems at NGL-3

Part Two is the installation of New Export Fiscal Metering Systems for Propane and Butane being loaded from NGL Jetty and common export Fiscal Metering System for Condensate being loaded from NGL Jetty and MPB, and these parts contain:

  • 3 Export Fiscal Metering Skids with 14 nos flow computers
  • 26 Piping Tie ins to live Systems at NGL1/2
  • Integration with Existing F&G System at NGL1/2
  • New SCADA system covers in part one above
  • New UPS System
  • Switchgear Modification at S/S-41 at NGL2

Abalto is supervising the pre-commissioning activities, and is responsible for safe and successful Commissioning, Startup and Handover processes of the project. Abalto Commissioning Engineers are performing problem free commissioning by following structured methodologies and procedures, drawing on lessons learned, and identifying and mitigating possible risks.