CC Energy Block 3 & 4 Development Project

CC Energy Development S.A.L (Oman Branch) has 50% interest in these concession blockswith the responsibility to operate. The other partners are Tethys and Mitsui E&P Middle East B.V. The project scope was split into an Early Development Facility where long term production testing can be initiated while the full development project facility is underway. The full development facility is Saiwan and Farha field is designed for 15000 barrel of oil per day each.
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Abalto was responsible for assuring quality engineering development and delivery on time of C&A, Pipeline, Mechanical and Process Disciplines for CCED full development project facility at Saiwan and Farha fields. In addition to the discipline engineer secondment on PMC bases, Abalto was responsible for Interface Management and Document Control in which Project Managers and Interface Engineers were deployed. Abalto senior engineers helped lead their individual discipline teams to ensure quality design is delivered timely.



At the engineering stage, Abalto engineers managed design reviews and approval, selection of cables, devices and C&A system components. On major packages such as the Heater, Sulferox, Flares and BMS, the main achievements were managing the procurement and engineering interfaces to minimise delays or rework.
Another achievement was to ensure document control management which have enabled great savings in engineering and procurement execution time. Towards the end of the engineering stage, Abalto engineers supported the initial site construction activity while the managed the procurement to ensure timely delivery. The main challenges in the engineering stage were Interface Management and structuring Change Management.



Each of the Abalto engineers took a package or system in the procurement stage to ensure the vendors understand the requirement and to ensure manufacturing stages are in-line with the fast track nature of the project. Procurement management was aligned to specific project requirements and included conducting staged witness, FAT and package acceptance testing at vendor’s works.



The main activities Abalto engineers managed during construction was the management of interfaces and ensuring that completions are met safely and in-line with the design requirement.


Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Support

The first package that was precommissioned by Abalto engineers was the 16” pipeline which enabled the accelerated production and reduced hazards associated with the land tinkering of crude oil from Saiwan Field into the PDO Qarn Alam Main Pumping Station.
Our package mechanical engineers have ensured the installation acceptance in-line with design and international standards for pumps, vessels, heaters, flare, Sulferox among other packages. This activity was managed for Saiwan when Farah Field was under engineering completion where we have shown the flexibility to work on rotation between field and office so that our client can have an optimum execution strategy.

There was great emphasis put on accelerating the C&A precommissioning and commissioning scope as the 1st Oil date was approaching and Abalto was able to supplement its site team with additional C&A engineers that have managed to create work fronts, close pending issues and accelerate the completion of precommissioning.

Ensuring Safe Start-up was incorporated in construction activities and report on shortfalls to develop with the rest of the team mitigation strategies. The main site challenges were to pursue safety, quality, and technical integrity without affecting the contractor schedule.

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