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Abalto provide new and innovative solutions utilising our core staff that have technical skills and wealth of experience.  We have the ability to understand project requirements and translate them into clear and workable project specifications.

Detail Design

We outline and agree the design basis together with the deliverables acceptance criteria with our clients.  This helps us manage the design and maintain control on cost and time and yet ensure an implementable realistic design. We further develop and validate equipment and instrument datasheets and clarify the customer specification to compile actionable Enquiry Requisitions that are floated to suppliers.
We develop detailed drawings such as General Arrangement, Layout Drawings, Loop Drawings.  In Design HSE we facilitate and deceiver work shops for hazard and operability studies (HAZOP), layer of protection analysis LOPA and SIL classification, quantitative risk assessment (QRA), Identification of safety critical elements and safety case development.
Other design deliverables that we have delivered include philosophies, narratives, quality plan, ITP, interface documents, operation and maintenance manuals, equipment and package specifications, method statements, project planning and change control procedures.
Abalto strength in engineering is drawn from it’s core team of engineers.  We follow tried and tested engineering methodology and implement best practices to the highest quality and HSE standards gained from our successfully delivered projects.  Our aim is to ensure that the best development solution is identified in order to provide maximum value to our customers.
Abalto capability extends to tender document preparations, technical and commercial bids evaluation services which are delivered independent of FEED.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Abalto take the specifications further in details to produce data sheets utilizing process material balance.  When our involvement starts at FEED we maintain an integrated design team with the client engineers to guarantee our quality and timely scope delivery.
To deliver FEED packages, we work closely with our clients and in large projects integrate the client engineers into our engineering team.  With this approach the client constantly evaluates and select options, approve the engineering deliverable to maintain their compliance.
Project uncertainties result in inflated execution cost if not managed during FEED, therefore at Abalto with our close client engagement we provide clear specifications and workable FEED packages minimising uncertainty as far as practically possible.
Abalto also provides EPC Tender Document preparation during FEED where the EPC or EPIC scope and deliverable are outlined with minimal uncertainty.

Conceptual Design

Abalto engineers work with our clients providing our engineering services in methodical Concept Selection, Analysis and Recommendation.  We have the capability and experience to form multidisciplinary team to work on opportunity framing, identifying project risks and develop project objectives into actionable scope with outlined cost and schedule.
At this early project phase we develop preliminary Piping and Instrumentation Diagram, develop control and safeguarding philosophy, define equipment types and process packages that need specialist licensers.

We ensure project front end loading would provide all data required by FEED team with minimised uncertainty.

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We have vast site construction experience and have work in hardship and offshore locations. We attribute our success in construction to well planned and well managed constructions activities. However, our experience has show us that not everything can be planned for and when faced with the challenges of site work we respond with flexibility and resourcefulness.

We take a Can Do attitude and adhere to our ethos of Consider it Solved… Consider it Done! and our Home Office provides 24/7 support for our site construction teams.

  • Construction Management

    Abalto construction management service is offered to construction contractors to provide construction management and multi discipline coordination through assisting construction contractor in areas of weakness such as area completion focus. Set-up tasks and targets for construction supervisors and engineering team which are HSE tasks such as promoting safe working practices and adhering to the project HSE plan, Business tasks such as QC and interface management, millstone targets from the project plan and behavioural targets such as leadership accountability and team work.
    Abalto engineers supervise multi discipline construction activity and confirm compliance to project specifications. Through construction planning we manage timely delivery of project sub milestones utilising the available resources efficiently.

  • Installation

    Equipment for overseas installation, which is to be manufactured local to the job-site, is designed to incorporate locally obtainable materials and standards whenever possible. As far as practicable Abalto will always endeavour to make use of locally supplied goods and labour, when involved with overseas contracts.

    We manage and provide site installation crews and Instrument Technicians for installations from Control Rooms down to Instrumentation and Equipment, and from Control Rooms up to the site wide Plant Management Systems via Industrial Networks. We achieve and assure success to working closely with Owners, EPCs and Vendors. We adhere to our in Alliance working principle.

    We are highly skilled and experienced in Loop Checking and Calibration, especially for Closed Vessels and Flow Meters.

    Our final check are aligned with EPC Mechanical Completion Milestones. We are accustomed to the challenges of achieving this Milestone.

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Abalto is now TÜV SÜD Certified

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Abalto is now TÜV SÜD Certified Engineering Consultants for the provision of Engineering Consultancy, Project Management and Commissioning.

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Abalto engineers have managed substation and power stations safe completion and commissioning following our structured methodology together with the clients processes.

With a team of senior electrical engineers and relay test engineers, we have managed power station completion and commissioning as part of the client’s commissioning team adding value by providing technical solutions to enhance progress, manage interfaces and enforce accountability into equipment vendors delivery.

Abalto instrumentation engineers support in managing the third party interfaces to ensure all the equipment, subsystems and switch boards communicate and function as per specification through SCADA or DCS systems to the central control room.   With the electrical discipline lead, the completion plans are managed to drive safe delivery of all subsystem.



Abalto engineers can commission systems such that they conform to the design specifications in a safe manner. We produce and work to approved commissioning procedures and take accountability for delivery.  Our commissioning services have been delivered at the tail end of project construction and where agreed with the clients had great input into project front end loading which ensures a commissionable, operable maintainable design is engineered. With the increased automation in power generation and electrical substations, our high level of expertise in instrumentation and control complements the electrical team in overall delivery.



Our experience has taught us that structured testing methodologies are critical for a safe and compliant energizeation. Abalto relay test engineers execute the testing and validation of all protection setting in addition to the overall protection schemes.  Maintaining an audit trail for the staged witness and acceptation from the check sheets all the way to the handover certificates is very important.

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Abalto was responsible for assuring quality engineering development and delivery on time of C&A, Pipeline, Mechanical and Process Disciplines for CCED full development project facility at Saiwan and Farha fields. In addition to the discipline engineer secondment on PMC bases, Abalto was responsible for Interface Management and Document Control in which Project Managers and Interface Engineers were deployed. Abalto senior engineers helped lead their individual discipline teams to ensure quality design is delivered timely.



At the engineering stage, Abalto engineers managed design reviews and approval, selection of cables, devices and C&A system components. On major packages such as the Heater, Sulferox, Flares and BMS, the main achievements were managing the procurement and engineering interfaces to minimise delays or rework.
Another achievement was to ensure document control management which have enabled great savings in engineering and procurement execution time. Towards the end of the engineering stage, Abalto engineers supported the initial site construction activity while the managed the procurement to ensure timely delivery. The main challenges in the engineering stage were Interface Management and structuring Change Management.



Each of the Abalto engineers took a package or system in the procurement stage to ensure the vendors understand the requirement and to ensure manufacturing stages are in-line with the fast track nature of the project. Procurement management was aligned to specific project requirements and included conducting staged witness, FAT and package acceptance testing at vendor’s works.



The main activities Abalto engineers managed during construction was the management of interfaces and ensuring that completions are met safely and in-line with the design requirement.


Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Support

The first package that was precommissioned by Abalto engineers was the 16” pipeline which enabled the accelerated production and reduced hazards associated with the land tinkering of crude oil from Saiwan Field into the PDO Qarn Alam Main Pumping Station.
Our package mechanical engineers have ensured the installation acceptance in-line with design and international standards for pumps, vessels, heaters, flare, Sulferox among other packages. This activity was managed for Saiwan when Farah Field was under engineering completion where we have shown the flexibility to work on rotation between field and office so that our client can have an optimum execution strategy.

There was great emphasis put on accelerating the C&A precommissioning and commissioning scope as the 1st Oil date was approaching and Abalto was able to supplement its site team with additional C&A engineers that have managed to create work fronts, close pending issues and accelerate the completion of precommissioning.

Ensuring Safe Start-up was incorporated in construction activities and report on shortfalls to develop with the rest of the team mitigation strategies. The main site challenges were to pursue safety, quality, and technical integrity without affecting the contractor schedule.

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Harweel Phase 2

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Abalto responsibility included to ensuring system vendor understanding and adherence to the Alarm Management and Optimisation scope.  Ensuring the delivery of a quality solution that is fit for purpose through review of process and deliverables.  Prior to the call from Petrofac for the C&A support services, Abalto engineers had a leading role in the project team from the client side.

Other scope handled by Abalto engineers was design reviews and approval, the selecting C&A systems components and packages together with integration were all challenges managed during detailed design.  Procurement management through enforcing the ITP and conducting staged witness and package acceptance testing at vendors works such as Haimo China, Bentley Nevada Hungary, Wilmax Singapore, EnviroKenetics USA, Cimac UAE.  Reviews managed included LOPA based SIL workshop in line with IEC 61508, HAZOP, HAZID and HSE design and operation Case studies.

Abalto site responsibility included managing C&A scope through ensuring that the construction methodologies are in accordance with Shell DEP, OPMG, PDO standards and project Quality Plan.  Ensuring Flawless Start-up processes are incorporated in construction activities and report on shortfalls to develop with the rest of the team mitigation strategies. Main challenges are to pursue safety, quality, technical integrity, without affecting the contractor schedule.  We worked on encouraging the team and contractor to obtain full buy-in of the HSE policies and thereby achieve the set HSE targets.  The focus is currently on assisting contractor in areas of weakness such as area completion focus, multidiscipline coordination and provision of work fronts.

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Current Jobs

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HOT JOBS: Apply now!

Please send your cv to

1. Senior Process Engineer

2. C&A Engineer

3. Rotating Equipment Engineer

4. Electrical Engineer

5. Instrumentation Technician

6. Electrical Technician

7. Senior Piping Engineer

These positions are for our new projects in Oman.
Please request more details on the jobs or you may send your CVs to .

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Abalto engineers can commission systems such that they conform to the design specifications in a safe manner. We produce and work to an approved Commissioning Procedure which assures a high level quality of quality for the Start-Up phase.

We are experienced in automation and process control projects enabling us to assess if the controls will result in failure modes not specified or tested. Where necessary, interfaces to other systems are proved with other suppliers. All commissioning such as Loop Checks, Calibration, Cause & Effects, and Alarm & Trip set points are documented for As Built records and change control maintained for modifications.

Our experience has taught us that functional checks are essential to validate adherence to the control philosophy and that system robustness implemented at design stage should be validated with improvements suggested by client operators incorporated in a considered and controller manner. Site acceptance test certificates for each sub system are produced following full witness testing with the Owner and EPC.

Late changes have adverse effect on project schedules and Abalto follows its change control system and client approval for implementation and acceptance. Following successful completion of commissioning, we submit a Commissioning Completion Certificate. Where specialised equipments are commissioned, such as rotating equipment, the services of the equipment vendor are called upon under the management and supervision of Abalto.

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Saudi Kayan Phenolics

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Deliver of Project Management for $15M MAC contract from initiation to closeout with full P&L responsibility. Sponsor assignment to assure maximum scope delivery without deferral to site phase and adhere to accelerated schedule with fixed delivery date.

Manage scope and quality to ensure deliverables including DCS and Safety Systems integrated into Remote Instrument Buildings and Control Room. Sole authority for every aspect of project and sole delegated authority towards Owner and EPC. Management of and communication with Owner, EPC and stakeholders.

Authorise procurement and manage performance and delivery of five subcontracts valued $5M. Manage performance and deliverables of Invensys as downstream partner with contract value $5M. Responsible for resource management including remote virtual and home office engineering teams. Ensure integration and inter-operability with 8 other projects executed in UK, Netherlands, Singapore and Korea.

Construct plans for and manage Risks, Issues, Communications, Resources, Quality, Integration, Schedule, Costs following PMI processes for Project Management

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Harweel Phase 1 EDF

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Harweel Early Development Facility (EDF) project was a USD 100Million project for Petroleum Development Oman aimed at assessing the viability of miscible gas flooding which would yield highest oil recovery from high pressure sour Oil & Gas reservoirs.  The 4 reservoirs had 15 producing wells with flowing pressures from 260Bar to 700Bar and average H2S concentrations of 50,000ppm with 15% Co2.

This challenging Enhanced Oil Recovery project demanded cutting edge technology to deliver using prototype compressors and state of the art control and safeguarding system due not only to the process parameters but the fact that the wells were located 80Km from the production station Birba hence the base of design was remote operations.  The MAC scope dimension was USD 10Million provided by Yokogawa System Centre Europe who invited Abalto to provide the system integration, design and commissioning of Foundation Fieldbus instruments, valves, wellhead hydraulic control panels, Fibre Optic Converters and repeaters.

The production station Birba under the project scope had new separation train, 3 new reciprocating compressors, flare package and utility Air and Nitrogen generation packages.  The oil production capacity added was 20,000 barrels of oil per day and 1.8 million meter cubes of natural gas.

Abalto engineers had supervised construction and liaise with EPC to ensure quality completion which does not adversely introduce flaws that hinder commissioning.  Following structured pre-commissioning procedure and extensive testing helped mitigate hidden flaws in hardware and software.  We successfully integrated the MAC deliverables such as Yokogawa ProSafe IPS, Stardom FCS and FastTools to following third party system:

  • Nuevo Pignone Compressors LP, MP and HP compressors
  • Frames Wellhead Hydraulic Control Panels
  • Honeywell TDC 3000
  • Pepperl & Fuchs relay based shutdown system
  • Prognost Condition Monitoring system
  • Dymac VM600 vibration protection system
  • Haimo Multiphase Flow Metering units
  • Alan Bradley Utility UCP
  • ABB Variable Speed drives

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